Sponsors List

Thank you to ALL the businesses and contributors who have helped make A Park Above a reality!!!


  1. 4Rivers Equipment (donation of equipment time)
  2. A Park Above, Inc. (various private and individual donations)
  3. Affordable Services (donation of HVAC system for bathrooms)
  4. Albuquerque Alameda Lions Club (cash donation and brick)
  5. Albuquerque Asphalt (discount on parking lot)
  6. Albuq. Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (donation of hauling of dirt)
  7. All American Precast
  8. Alon/7-11 (cash donation)
  9. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.(cash donation)
  10. APPCityLife, Inc. (development of a park app)
  11. AT&T (donation of survey work)
  12. AT&T
  13. AUI, Inc. (donations of boulders)
  14. Barber Family
  15. BCL Construction (donated construction of bathrooms)
  16. BestBuy (discount of speakers and installation & labor for landscape installation.
  17. Bixby Electric (donation of electrical installation for bathrooms)
  18. Bohannan Huston (donation of structural engineering for bathrooms)
  19. Boys Scouts of America (volunteer landscape project)
  20. Del Norte Rotary Club
  21. Del Sherrod
  22. Drains Plus
  23. Dugan Family
  24. Dulce Public Schools
  25. Buildology (donation of sand for sand-play area)
  26. Carmen Schell Family
  27. Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation (shade structures)
  28. Center for Hands on Learning
  29. Champion Truss, Inc. (donation of truss package for bathrooms)
  30. Chaparral Materials
  31. Christopher & Amy Joiner
  32. CliffDweller Digital (provided contacts for donations)
  33. Clow Valve Company
  34. Complete Concrete & Excavating (donation of underground utilities)
  35. Consensus Planning Landscape Architects (donation of design and project management services)
  36. Coyote Gravel Products (donated concrete for bathrooms)
  37. CVIEW PT, LLC (donation of security/surveillance system)
  38. Digital Creations
  39. Donna & Don Leonard
  40. Drains Plus
  41. Daniels Family Funeral Services (donation of granite bricks for sponsorship columns)
  42. Edit House Productions, LLC (produced promotional video)
  43. Ed Peeples Family
  44. Enchanted Solar (donation of solar system for park)
  45. Enchanted Roofing, LLC
  46. Exerplay LLC (donation of pulse game table and play equipment discount)
  47. Evonna Joiner
  48. Evonne, Bill, Chris Joiner, Joiner Construction Company
  49. Francisco Luis Romero & Sara Romero
  50. Fred and Sandra Jonas
  51. Ferguson Waterworks (donation of underground utilities)
  52. FootPrints Home Health Care (cash donation)
  53. ForeverLawn (discounted surfacing for playground)
  54. Form Cove
  55. Full Spectrum(cash donation/visa machine/discount services)
  56. George Oppenheimer
  57. Sandoval Construction, Inc. (donation of installation of parking lot asphalt)
  58. GND, LLC Consulting Engineers (donation of structural engineering for retaining wall)
  59. Golden Equipment Company (donation of underground utilities)
  60. Guzman Construction Solutions (donated 200 tons of gravel and boulders)
  61. Harris Jewelers (cash donation/jewelry)
  63. HEI, Inc. (donation of security/surveillance system)
  64. Hewlett Packard
  65. HD Supply Waterworks (donation of underground utilities)
  66. House of Football (fundraising and website development)
  67. HouseMax and Champion Truss, Inc. (donation of trusses for bathrooms)
  68. Highway Supply (donation of the many signs at the park)
  69. Huitt-Zollars (donation of survey work)
  70. Industrial and Commercial Security Systems, Inc. (donation of prewiring for security system)
  71. Innovative Custom Contracting, LLC (donation of installation of bathroom roof)
  72. Integrated Systems Assessment
  73. Intel (cash donation)
  74. J B Designs (donation of paint, tile, and murals)
  75. J Fun Investments
  76. Jennie Schulte Riedl & Lou Riedl (donation of artwork, murals and mosaics)
  77. Jennifer Carisa Baca and Athena Lucarini (donations of certificates and computer web work)
  78. Joe & Sheryl Roos
  79. Joiner Construction, Inc. (donation of sub-base work and fine grading work)
  80. JPR Decorative Gravel (discounted retaining wall blocks)
  81. JR & Debbie Allison
  82. Julian Garza
  83. Just Sprinklers (discount of artificial turf and installation)
  84. Kareena Hamilton
  85. Ira M. Karmiol Attorney
  86. Karon G. Roberts
  87. Kiewit (Donation of 100 tons of asphalt and purchase 150 tons at $50.00 a ton)
  88. Kurt and Pam Wagener
  89. Land Advisors Organization (donation of boulders)
  90. Lastrapes, Spangler and Pacheco, PA
  91. lifeROOTS
  92. Mac and Roberta Birch
  93. Maggie Robinson (designer of butterfly mosaic mural with 100 children)
  94. Mark and Paula Scott
  95. Materials, Inc. (donation of parking bumpers and picnic tables)
  96. McDonald’s in Rio Rancho (cash donation)
  97. Metal Depot (donation of metal roofing material)
  98. Metalwerks, LLC
  99. Metro Landscape Services, LLC (donation of landscape work and materials)
  100. Mom’s Club of Rio Rancho (volunteer landscape project)
  101. Moni Chavez
  102. Monitec, LLC,
  103. Mountain State Contractors, Inc.(donation of 200 tons of asphalt)
  104. Mountain View Middle School (donation of mosaic mural for park)
  105. Mustang Properties, LLC.
  106. NAGEL CPA’S, LLC.
  107. NAMI (cash donation)
  108. NCI Metal Depots
  109. NM Aggregates LLC (donated 200 tons of gravel and boulders)
  110. New Mexico Bank and Trust
  111. New Mexico Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association
  112. New Mexico Gas Company – A TECO Energy Company (cash donation)
  113. Northridge Electric (donation of lighting package for bathrooms)
  114. O’Brian Family
  115. Patricia Hernandez
  116. Perry Supply (donation of bathroom fixtures)
  117. PlaySafe, Inc.
  118. PlayWorld (play equipment discount/donation)
  119. PNM (Power Up Grant)
  120. Presbyterian Healthcare Services (cash donation)
  121. Puesta Del Sol Elementary
  122. RAXS Building Supply (donation of roof lumber package)
  123. RayLee Homes (donation of plumbing and finish work for bathrooms)
  124. Redline Mechanical LLC. (donation of plumbing for bathrooms)
  125. Rio Rancho Charity Eye Reserve
  126. Rio Rancho Kiwanis Club
  127. Rio Rancho Lion’s Club
  128. Rio Rancho Metalworks (donation of materials and fabrication for butterfly benches)
  129. Rio Rancho Observer
  130. Rio Rancho Printing Company
  131. Rio Rancho Public Schools
  132. Rio Rancho Rotary Club (donation of amphitheater and shade structure)
  133. Rio Rancho Rotary Foundation
  134. Rio Rancho Sunrise Rotary Club
  135. Rio Rancho Toy Run
  136. RMCI, Inc. (donation of underground utilities)
  137. Roadrunner Redi-Mix (discounted concrete)
  138. Roberts, Karon (cash donation)
  139. Rocky Mountain Stone Company, Inc. (donation/install of granite
  140. Rod and Rose Smith
  141. Ron Montoya Design Inc. (donation drafting for bathroom design)
  142. Rotary Club of Rio Rancho
  143. Sam’s Club Store #4703 (Grant and volunteer landscape project)
  144. Sandia Labs/Lockheed Martin (case donation)
  145. Sandoval County Public Works Department (donation of hauling boulder and dirt)
  146. Safety Net Works
  147. Skyler Montano Family
  148. Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority (donation of hauling of dirt)
  149. Southwest Block (donation of CMU block)
  150. Southwest Door Service (provide doors and hardware at cost)
  151. S Squared Consulting, LLC.
  152. Star Paving (donation of asphalt lay-down and coordination of parking lot)
  153. Steve and Jane Paternoster
  154. Steve and Judy Shaw
  155. Summit Electric Supply (donation of electric gear for bathrooms)
  156. Sundance Mechanical (plumbing for bathrooms)
  157. Tamera Gutierrez
  158. The Carpet Company (donation of tile for mosaics)
  159. The Response Group (donation of bathroom electrical engineering)
  160. TI Design Services (donation of architectural stamp on bathroom plans)
  161. Tim and Patty Van Valen
  162. Timothy Schulte
  163. TLC Plumbing & Utility (donation of water softening system for park)
  164. Toby & Angela Pacheco
  165. Tom Cress-Cress Insurance Company (cash donation)
  166. Tommie & Melba Anderson
  168. Total Lighting Supply (donation of artwork for presentation board)
  169. Turbo Threads
  170. Valley Fence Company (discounted fence material and installation)
  171. Virginia Falberg
  172. Vulcan Materials Company (donated 200 tons of gravel)
  173. Waddie & Jack Fertig
  174. Walmart/Sam’s Club # 4703 Daniel Dooley, Manager Grant
  175. Walmart #3517 Jason Engel, Manager
  176. Walmart #5675 Vera Lujan, Manager
  177. Walmart #3512 Carlos Garcia, Manager
  178. Walmart #2451 Ralph Gutierrez, Manager
  179. Walmart #3385 Manuel Rodriguez, Manager
  180. Waste Corporation of America (cash donation)
  181. Warren Asa Wilgus
  182. William and Lorraine Lowen
  183. Vera Jennie Schulte and Louis Riedl


TECHNICAL ADVISORY TEAM – These agencies assigned staff that donated hours of time to helping with design


  1. A Park Above, Inc.
  2. Abrazos Family Support Services
  3. Adelante Development Center, Inc.
  4. Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation & CP Parent Association
  5. City of Rio Rancho Parks and Recreation Department Team>
  6. Commission for the Blind
  7. Governor’s Commission on Disability
  8. New Mexico Autism Society
  9. Presbyterian Hospital Child Life & Occupational Therapy
  10. Rio Rancho Public Schools Special Education & Occupational and Physical Therapy Departments
  11. Sandia National Labs Science & Technology
  12. The ARC New Mexico
  13. UNM Center on Disability Autism Program
  14. UNM School of Medicine – Center for Development & Disability