2013 Marked the Groundbreaking & Construction Began in January 2014

IMAG2428 IMAG2912IMAG2045 IMAG3041IMAG3230 IMAG3235IMAG3297 IMAG3301IMAG3338 IMAG3385IMAG3489 IMAG3797

A VERY Special Thank You to Ed of Edit House for filming and producing this wonderful video!

2 comments on “Groundbreaking
  1. J Valdez says:

    It would be GREAT if your website told me the address/location of A Park Above immediately – why not have a link: Location. I’m looking through many pages to find this…. not user friendly 🙂

  2. C Chavez says:

    This park is a miracle for so many. God bless all of you who have made this possible.

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