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Board member email address phone number
Jerry Reeder, President/ED 505-228-4306
Jamie Villanueva, Vice President 505-450-9823
Lori Lowen, Vice President,Presentations/Fund Raising 505-681-0569
Jerry Reeder, Treasurer,ED of Special Service RR Schools 505-228-4306
Tracy Harris Valdespino, ADA Consultant 407-399-5169
Ben Vigil,Special Needs Teacher, Grants, Events 505-321-1395
Lucie Joslyn,Community Outreach 505-515-6888
Kelly Billings,Physical Therapist, Secretary 505-239-6645
Jennie Schulte Riedl, Founder/Past President 505-975-0928
Should you require a formal presentation,  please call Jerry 505-228-4306 or  Lori  505-892-3693 or Jamie 505-450-9823 We will be very happy to share any updates with you…presentations generally last 20 minutes…