A Park Above is Offically OPEN!!! “

2441 Westside Court SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Between Unser & Golf Course off Westside Blvd. PHONE NUMBER: 505-994-6338

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Any amount helps! Or donate to United Way and specify “A Park Above”. *** WE are named 2016 Best of the City Park, TOP 5 finalist through Albuquerque The Magazine! ALSO: A Park Above made the list of Fun Things To Do in Albuquerque!


All donations / sponsorships are tax deductible.

A Park Above is a 501(c)(3) 27-2254704

Welcome to the website of A Park Above, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 ALL volunteer organization that was created to assist and support the efforts of the City of Rio Rancho’s Park and Recreation to build and maintain A PARK ABOVE. Through our efforts we have worked together with State, County, City government, Corporations and our community to complete this amazing project! All donations are for the Perpetual Fund, to help repair, replace or change any future park equipment!  As a 501c3 non profit, we are in the position to obtain funds through grants and donations made available only to non profits. Therefore, your support is greatly appreciated and needed! Call 505-994-6338 for park and party information! Current Park Hours: 6 am to 10 pm. Some RULES in place to keep your family safe. ONLY wheels allowed in the park are STROLLERS and WHEEL CHAIRS, any other skateboards, scooters, any bikes, hoover boards, roller skates, etc. are NOT allowed! The reason is this park is for ALL abilities and if a fast roller passes a special needs person, we do not want an episode to occur or anyone to crash into any one!! So, please do not bring these things into the park! No Grills, No Jumps, No Confetti, No Water Balloons, No Silly String, nothing that makes a mess! YOU are expected to clean up after your party. No hording of tables…call 505-994-6338 if you have a question. We want you to have a positive experience at A Park Above, so please obey all rules at this special park! There are NO ENTRY or Reservation FEES at this time, the park is FREE for all families to enjoy! There is a special doggie park you can use, we ask that you DO NOT bring your pets into the larger play area, the little children run bare footed and stepping into doggie poop or urine is not a positive experience! The Water Splash Pad is now CLOSED for the winter and will reopen on City of Rio Rancho parks open!!! Check out the Event Case on the Bathroom Wall, it will list the movies and other special programming dates and times for your family to enjoy! FRIENDSHIP DESTINATION BRICKS FORM will be available at the park on one of the THREE 8 foot pillars…Pick your form up today! Have FUN at A Park Above! See the latest from KOAT news on October 25, 2015. A Park Above Ribbon Cutting 2016 by Mac Birch! Thank you Mac! https://youtu.be/CLBNhrgdrKg (full version) or the 5:05 minute version: https://youtu.be/9fLUF4gHDVQ OUR VISION STATEMENT:
    Our Vision is to support A Park Above, providing a sensory and socially rich environment, full of sounds, color, art and accessible play equipment; a park where the play equipment is accessible to ALL children, ALL ages of ALL abilities.
        To promote a safe, clean and FREE park, where the inclusive play equipment is accessible to ALL children, ALL ages of ALL abilities.
          Where ALL Children Play
A Park Above, Inc. 1380 Rio Rancho Blvd. # 1301 Rio Rancho, NM 87124 (mailing address only) 2441 Westside Court (Physical address) Rio Rancho, NM 87124 Between Unser and Golf Course off Westside Blvd. on the north side! PARK ABOVE PHONE #: 505-994-6338 or Jerry Reeder, current Park Above, Inc. President: 505-228-4306, email: jjjreeder@hotmail.com For a guided tour of A Park Above, located at: 2441 Westside Blvd, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, please call Jerry Reeder at: 505-228-4306. Please join us today, and work with us as we make history, building the first “ A Park Above” in Rio Rancho/ Albuquerque area. This is a destination park for the State of New Mexico drawing in visitors, new employment and businesses! The play equipment is designed for ANY person with ANY ability! Therapists can help their clients by utilizing the park equipment! We have a restroom facility that is 100% ADA accessible, musical instruments, water splash area, labyrinth, basketball court, special equipment, hills, tunnels, slides, wheel chair swings, and shade structures. Perhaps a buddy day, plays, movies and scheduled educational programs will be held in the amphitheater. Tables and benches sit under the shade structures.  Many volunteers are needed for PARK AMBASSADORS! A Park Ambassador has gone through a certification class and background check as you are dealing with children. You will help operate the wheelchair swings, keep children off the fence and walls, keeping all visitors safe and assisting in dispersing the crowd if a park visitor has an emotional episode. It is an HONOR to be a Park Ambassador! Please reach out to Connie or Arilyn at 505-219-5684  Leave your message and they will get back to you! You can also sign up on the “Contact” page and we will be in touch!

Proudly:  A Park Above is a 501(c)(3) 27-2254704  and is an ALL volunteer board and organization.

~Helping Our Community One Step At A Time ~  Where ALL Children Play~ SEE YOU AT THE PARK!