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Or donate to United Way and specify “A Park Above” 100% goes to building the park. Thanks United Way!

Welcome to the website of A Park Above, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 ALL volunteer organization that was created to assist and support the efforts of the City of Rio Rancho’s Park and Recreation to build and maintain A PARK ABOVE. Through our efforts we have worked together with State, County, City government, Corporations and our community to raise over $2 million dollars to help begin and complete this amazing project! Phase One is nearing completion and plans are underway for Phase Two. As a 501c3 we are in the position to obtain funds through grants and donations made available only to non profits. Therefore, your support is greatly appreciated!     OUR VISION STATEMENT:     Our Vision is to create a park that is a sensory rich environment full of sounds, color, art and accessible play equipment in a green environment. A park with hills, tunnels and elevations where the play equipment is accessible to ALL children of ALL ages.     OUR MISSION STATEMENT:     To assist and support the efforts of the City of Rio Rancho to establish a safe, clean and free park where the inclusive play equipment is accessible to ALL. These efforts will be done through volunteers and fund raising activities.       OUR MOTTO: ***Where ALL Children Play***   A Park Above, Inc. 1380 Rio Rancho Blvd. # 1301 Rio Rancho, NM 87124 505-975-0928 Please join us today, and work with us as we make history, building the first “ A Park Above” in Rio Rancho/ Albuquerque area.  This will be a destination park for the State of New Mexico drawing in visitors, new employment and businesses!  The projected play equipment will be designed for ANY person with ANY ability!  Therapists can help their clients by utilizing the park equipment!  Plans include a restroom facility that is 100% ADA accessible, musical instruments, water splash area, labyrinth, basketball court, special equipment, hills, tunnels, slides, wheel chair swings, and shade structures!  Perhaps a buddy day, plays, movies and scheduled educational programs are to be held in the amphitheater.  Tables and benches will go under the shade structures.  Many volunteers and docents will be needed!  Please sign up on the “Contact” page and we will be in touch! Proudly:  A Park Above is a 501(c)(3) 27-2254704  and is an ALL volunteer board A VERY Special Thank You to Ed of Edit House for filming and producing this wonderful video! ~Helping Our Community One Step At A Time ~  Where ALL Children Play~ aparkabovesite